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Impeach NC Governor Roy Cooper ?  Was  Governor Roy Cooper aware of  violation of state laws, grand thief of state owned land, facilities and appropriations pursuant, false claim designation of  NCA&T/ UNCG Joint Millennial Campus, its lease and NCA&T\UNCG lease of  Union Square space.  If so did Cooper failed to faithfully execute the laws of  State of North Carolina? 
Governor Cooper was sworn in as Governor of the State of North Carolina on January 1,2017, and currently holds that office. The Governor, before entering upon the duties of his office, shall, before any Justice of the Supreme Court, take an oath or affirmation that he will support the Constitution and laws of the United States and of the State of North Carolina, and that he will faithfully perform the duties pertaining to the office of Governor. (1). Sec. 5.  Duties  of Governor. ARTICLE III EXECUTIVE (4) Execution of laws. The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.  The core function of the Governor "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." N.C. CONST. art. Ill, § 5(4). 
Jim W. Phillips, Jr., was an attorney for Plaintiff Roy A. Cooper III, Governor of the State of State of North Carolina on Amended Compliant ROY A. COOPER, III, in his official capacity as GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, Plaintiff, V. PHILIP E. BERGER, in his official capacity as President Pro Tempore of The North Carolina Senate; and TIMOTHY K. MOORE, in his official capacity as Speaker Of The North Carolina House Of Representatives, Defendants. A lawsuit which alleged certain session laws enacted by the NC legislature " prevents him [Governor] from fulfilling his constitutional duty to see that the laws are "faithfully executed."
" I think for the next 50 years, A&T and the engineering programs and science programs are going to be an integral part and a driving force in the economic development of the community,'' said Greensboro attorney Jim Phillips Jr., a member of the UNC Board of Governors. " [A&T CHANCELLOR PLANS TO RETIRE: FORT: GOALS COMPLETE, Greensboro News & Record - Friday, May 29, 1998 , BETH MCMURTRIE Staff Writer
No statuary NCGS: 116-198.34. (8b)  NC A&T/ UNCG Joint Millennial Campus was designated Oct. 2003 enabling  Greensboro Center for Innovative Development, Inc.  to administer the educational, research, and economic development mission of  a Joint Millennial Campus nor lawfully leased to the Greensboro Center for Innovative Development, Inc. - renamed Gateway University Research Park, Inc.
Historical black land grant North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s (NCA&T) 2001 amended University Master Plan called for developing 75 -acres of its farmland at 2900 East Lee Street as a University Millennial Campus, to create new opportunities in the private and academic arenas between the University's, engineering, technology and agricultural research and its students - which didn’t include across town historical white Liberal Arts UNC- Greensboro.

Emerging from a legislative mandated study ,Staying a Step Ahead, 2003-04, to ensure  the State's citizens are academically prepared and equipped for current job opportunities and jobs of the future in North Carolina's  growing knowledge economy.  It  explicitly referred to research clusters created by HBCU NCA&T
Reported in the Media: " Its [UNCG] historically strong programs in music, education and nursing are not the kinds of programs that spin off research and development or software companies to fuel high tech economies". [Ken Mayer, Editorial, UNCG, A&T University will need to be leaders in the charge for high-tech industry in the Triad, Triad Business Journal Nov 9, 1998] ( Ken Mayer is former Chairman UNCG BOT 2003-2004 & 2004-2005.]
NCGS § 116-36.5.(c) All moneys received through development of a Millennial Campus of a constituent institution of The University of North Carolina as defined by NCGS § 116-198.33(4b), from whatever source, including the net proceeds from the lease or rental of real property on a Millennial Campus, shall be placed in a special, continuing, and nonreverting trust fund having the sole and exclusive use for further development of that Millennial Campus. If NCA&T Designated a Joint Millennial Campus with UNCG it would have to shave the net proceeds with UNC Greensboro.
"Last year, the development corporation proposed the idea of developing a UNCG/A&T Knowledge and Industry Campus, perhaps in southeast Greensboro...This would be the beginning of our version of N.C. State's Centennial Campus."   [Ken Mayer, Editorial, UNCG, A&T University will need to be leaders in the charge for high-tech industry in the Triad, Triad Business Journal Nov 9, 1998] ( Ken Mayer is former Chairman UNCG BOT 2003-2004 & 2004-2005.
NCGS§ 116-198.33 Millennial Campus' defined by statue as real property and appurtenant facilities designated by the Board of Governors-pursuant NCGS. § 116-198.34.(8b).   NCGS. §116-198.34.(8b) authorized UNC BOG to designate real property held by, or to be acquired by, a constituent institution as a millennial campus.  NCGS. § 116-198.34.(8b) says in part Upon formal request by the constituent institutions which meet the requirements of this section to create a joint Millennial Campus.
Published as "the most plugged-in attorney in North Carolina", minutes claim  Lobbyist Greensboro Attorney Jim W. Phillips, Jr.,  Committee Budget and Finance Chair speaking before Board of Governors reported  the Boards of Trustees at North Carolina A&T State University and 
the University of North Carolina at Greensboro requested that the land formerly designated for the Central School for the Deaf and allocated to the Board of Governors by the  2003 Session of the General Assembly and a 75 - acre  parcel of land currently comprising a portion of the  North Carolina A&T State University Farm be designated as a Joint Millennial Campus, alleged approved Oct. 10, 2003, at Appalachian State
Public Record Reply from UNC-Greensboro for statutory required request to establish a Joint Millennial Campus produced alleged Chancellors signed Document dated Aug. 22nd, 2003.  Alleged Chancellors signed document stated: "we are pleased to inform you that this proposal has been approved by both of our Boards of Trustees and is supported by local community leaders and organizations including Action Greensboro. 
Recommended by Chancellors  Renick and Sullivan, NC A&T and UNC-G Board of Trustees duplicate Resolutions: In Support of The Creation of a Joint Millennial Campus between NC A&T and UNCG, dated Aug. 22, 2003,  and Aug. 28, 2003 ,   calling  for seeking designation of Joint Millennial Campus in terms of the Central North Carolina School of the Deaf  real estate, transferred to UNC Board of Governors for the purpose of establishing a Joint Millennial Campus.  Universities' resolution seek designation of a Joint Millennial without a syllable pertaining to  a 75-acre parcel of NCA&T farmland, statutory foreclosed Phillips  alleged NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus, inclusive of  a 75-acre parcel of NCA&T farmland.    Alleged Aug. 22nd, 2003 NC A&T Board of trustees  Resolution : In Support of the Creation of a Joint Millennial Campus between NC A&T and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro maybe bogus.
NCA&T: "As to your prior request for the resolution/motion about the 75 acres of land being a part of the Gateway Research Park, There is no 2003 resolution, etc. that specifically says 75 acres are involved." determined J. Charles Waldrup J.D., Ph.D. General Counsel Office Of Legal Affairs North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University.
Pursuant Bogus NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus alleged Gateway University Research Park 150 acres of  State Property was unlawful leased to Greensboro Center for Innovative Development - renamed Gateway University Research Park,  State appropriation and Construction laws were rewritten.

The General Assembly and the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina designated this property to be developed as a Joint Millennial Campus of  NC A&T State University and UNC at Greensboro”.



SL 2009-0451

State Construction and appropriations Laws Were Amended Based on Fraudulent Allegation Gateway Research Park, Inc.  was a Joint Millennial Campus.


What did NC Governor Roy Cooper know about Gateway University Research Park Inc. and Union Square Campus.  When did he know it and what did he do?